Terms of entry


By purchasing your ticket, you agree to the following terms of entry to the Matakana Oyster and Wine Festival 2018.

Tickets will not be refunded, exchanged or cancelled once issued except in accordance with the applicable laws of New Zealand.

Upon entry into this event Patrons will be asked to present their ticket along with appropriate identification. The Event Organiser has the right to refuse entry to those who do not present appropriate identification or are intoxicated.

No alcohol, glass, cans, firearms, weapons, fireworks or other items deemed or considered dangerous may be brought into the Venue.

Patrons are admitted to the Venue at their own risk.

Patrons agree to be searched (including their bags, clothes or other possessions) on entry and continued presence in the Venue is only permitted to patrons who agree to be searched (including their bags, clothes or other possessions) while in the Venue.

They are required to take appropriate care for their health and safety including sun protection and hydration.

A patron who is deemed to be affected by the consumption of alcohol or drugs may, in the Event Organisers and Venue's sole discretion, maybe refused entry to, or ejected from, the Venue by an authorised event official with no refund issued.

The Event Organiser or Venue shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the patron or caused by any act or omissions of the Matakana Oyster and Wine Festival, other patrons, the venue, stall holders or stakeholders.