mahurangi oyster farmers

The beauty of the oysters from the Mahurangi region is they have a uniquely fresh taste with October known for producing a

plump creamy and less salty taste than other growing areas, after all the Mahurangi is where oyster farming started in New Zealand.



Bio Marine Oysters

Established in 1978, Biomarine has become one of the largest and premium oyster producers in New Zealand. Certified organic, Biomarine has built a global reputation for their delicious oysters, exporting throughout Europe, North America, French Polynesia, Asia and as far afield as Russia.

+64 9 425 8383


Mahurangi Oysters

Mahurangi Oysters Ltd is family owned and operated by Andrew and Lisa Hay. We take the greatest care and pride in producing the very best, freshest, tastiest live oysters for our customers. Our small family run business takes the sort of care that only a smaller operation can provide, supplying plump, succulent oysters from our growing location in a beautiful, unspoilt corner of the Mahurangi Harbour. Pristine conditions allow our oysters to flourish and grow to the premium product that you get to savour and enjoy.

Phone +64 9425 5652


Orata Marine Oysters

Every Saturday, for nearly ten years now, Lynette Dunn and Trevor Smith have sold their oysters at the Matakana Farmers’ Market. Rain or shine, they are there to feed the insatiable desire for fresh, local oysters. Orata supplies markets and restaurants all over Auckland, and beyond, so it’s not hard to find their gorgeous oysters, but the Matakana Farmers’ Market is the best place to get them fresh from the farm that day. Lynette says that concentrating on maintaining top-quality, good-sized oysters is what has kept their business thriving and ensured regulars return time and time again. The Farmers’ Market has been great for promoting their own business but Lynette says that the added benefit is promotion of the Mahurangi Harbour as a whole, and that is good for all the growers.